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Diskursiv No. 
Simple volume

23 Sep – 02 Oct 2021
Forum Stadtpark, Graz

“Models” is intended as a call to slow down the design process of architecture. Contemporary architecture relies less on model making and more on rendering with computer programs. Does this circumstance lead to architecture loosing its sensitivity and sensuality? The architect’s creative process should be to design with the help of their own hands, rather than with a controller. Otherwise, a certain creative design process, which involves the use of craftsmanship techniques and the physical examination of materials, will vanish. A detachment from error-free 3D renderings should be regarded as an opportunity to expand one‘s own imagination, which in turn can open up space for new ideas. In this sense, physical modeling offers advantages that may not be immediately apparent, but subsequently make it indispensable for a sustainable architectural practice.

Addressing this topic the exhibition will feature works by Leonhard Panzenböck, Ellena Ehrl & Tibor Bielicky, Jasmin Monschein & Marry-Ann Lackner as well as 85 contributions from international architecture offices. In addition a symposium, which will take place at the 30th September, will provide deeper insights to the topic. The edition will culminate in a publication, print and online, which will be released in autumn 2022.


85 international architecture offices were asked to submit a photograph of their model-making situation and to name their favorite material, scale, tool and model. The gathered material will be presented in the form of a video installation. It shows how architecture professionals use the model as a design tool in their everyday life. In addition, individual model building situations can be seen distributed in large format throughout the room.

By taking apart everyday objects, Jasmin Monschein and Marry-Ann Lackner have found a rich fund of architectural elements. Their work shows the possibilities designers have when they carefully observe what surrounds us. Through the external figure, they have identified prin- ciples that have helped them in the further design steps to create an expression for the interior spaces.

In Leonhard Panzenböck's work, which depicts the central hall of a villa with a horticultural intervention, he puts the question of the 1:1 model up for discussion. The work “Garten am Brand" deals with the representation of models. The natural, untouched by man, and the artificial, man-made. It is about a simultaneity of model and garden.

The video installation by Ellena Ehrl and Tibor Bielicky shows a juxtaposition of the Atlantis building by Arquitectonica in the model built by artist Alex Schöpfel, mixed with real footage from Miami and images from iconic series that reflect the mood at the time the building was constructed. It is an overlay of different media that generates a mixture of image, mood and myth.

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Entrance – overview of participants


30 September 2021

Claudia Gerhäusser and Petra Petersson

Claudia Gerhäusser, Division Officer for Architecture at Forum Stadtpark. Since 2010 projects in public space with oiXplorer and exhibitions/publications with studio cake. Studied architecture/design in Germany and the USA. Assistantships with Julie Mehretu, Peter Eisenman, volume magazine, baunetz, TU Graz and guest editor of GAM#13 spatial expeditions.

Petra Petersson was born in 1966 in Lund, Sweden. After attending school in France, Switzerland, the USA, Germany and Sweden, she studied architecture from 1985 at the Technical University in Lund, Sweden, and at the Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art, in Scotland. She received her Diploma of Architecture in 1991. She has over 25 years of post-graduate architectural working experience. Before founding Realarchitektur in 2003, she worked in architects’ offices in Glasgow, Auckland, Stockholm and Berlin. Prof. Petersson is a registered member of the Berlin Chamber of Architects and an elected member of the BDA. She is regularly invited to be on Architectural juries and publishes, exhibits and lectures about her work internationally. Since 2013 Petra Petersson has been a Professor of Architecture at the Technical University in Graz, Austria, where she is the head of the Institute for Construction and Design Principles.

Part 1, Moderation
Evelyn Temmel

Evelyn Temmel lives and works in Vienna, studied architecture at the TU Graz and the ETSAV Barcelona former collaborator at OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen, Atelier Thomas Pucher, Hohensinn Architektur. Former Assistent Professor at TU Graz – Institute of Design and Building Typology, currently Assistent Professor at TU Vienna – Institute of Architecture and Design – Architectural Typology and Design.

Bernd Grimm

Bernd Grimm, born in 1962 in Ellwangen/Jagst, has been working for over 30 years in the overlapping zones of architecture, design and art. This includes, among other things, classic product design, graphics, exhibition and spatial design. He has also taught at numerous universities.

Manual work
Anna Staudt

Anna Staudt, Stonemason and Sculptor, who is working independently as head and owner of the Atelier of Friedrich Meyer in Düsseldorf, since 2017. She received the the Meisterbrief and Degree from the HWK Düsseldorf, to that time she also worked as collaborator at Friedrich Meyer, Düsseldorf (2014–2017). During 2014 she travelled through India and China. From 2008–2014 she was the head of model work shop at Atelier Peter Zumthor in Haldenstein, Switzerland. Before that, she worked as stone restoration at Heinz Lehmann, Leuzigen, Switzerland (2005–2008) and completed her apprenticeship at Friedrich Meyer, Düsseldorf, Germany (2001–2004).

Wolfgang List

Wolfgang List is co-founder of the architecture and design platform Mostlikely. He has taught and lectured at the Escuela Taller in Bogota / Colombia, the New Design University in St. Pölten, the Technical University in Vienna and the Tongji University in Shanghai. Wolfgang List published the books Most Likely Design, 14.03.–23.03. Team Wien and Demolished Modified Endangered. Since 2016, he has been teaching and researching at the Institute for Fundamentals of Construction and Design at TU Graz. Wolfgang List completed his doctorate at TU Graz in 2020 with the thesis Designing with Models—Investigation into the Relevance of Analogue Models for Design Theory.

Angelika Hinterbrandner

Angelika Hinterbrandner studied architecture at TU Graz and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She worked for MVRDV, Buchner Bründler Architekten and as a project and study assistant at TU Graz, among others. In 2018–19, she was an editorial assistant at ARCH+. Since then, she has been working for Brandlhuber+ and is studying Leadership Digital Innovation at the UdK Berlin in parallel. In addition to social and political aspects of architecture, her focus is on current trends in technology and communication.

Evelyn Temmel, Bernd Grimm, Anna Staudt, Wolfgang List and Angelika Hinterbrander.
Part 2, Moderation
Alex Lehnerer

Alex Lehnerer is an architect and teacher. Before his appointment as Professor in Graz, he was Assistant Professor at the ETH Zurich and at the School of Architecture in Chicago. He designed the German Pavilion in Venice in 2014; his books include "Grand Urban Rules" (NAi010 2009/2014), "The Western Town" (Hatje Cantz, 2013), and "Bungalow Germania" (Hatje Cantz, 2014). He holds a doctorate from the ETH Zurich, a master's degree from UCLA in Los Angeles, and a diploma from the TU Berlin.

Vlad Ionescu

Vlad Ionescu is an associate professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Art (UHasselt) / PXL MAD where he currently teaches the history and theory of these domains. His research concerns the epistemology of aesthetic formalism in art history (Aloïs Riegl, Heinrich Wölfflin and Wilhelm Worringer), image analysis and architectural theory. Besides co-editing and co-translating Jean-François Lyotard’s Writings on Contemporary Art and Artists (Leuven University Press, 2009–2013), he is the author of Applied Arts, Implied Art. Craftsmanship and Technology in the Age of Art Industry (A&S Books, 2016) and Pneumatology. An Inquiry into the Representation of Wind, Air, Breath (ASP, 2017).

Caspar Frenken and Benjamin Groothuijse

Collaborating on several design studios in the Netherlands and the UK, Caspar Frenken and Benjamin Groothuijse came together as educators around an interest in the role of the model within architectural education. At the chair of Interiors Buildings Cities at TU Delft, they developed a studio format for the foundational Master’s course, working with large scale models. Benjamin teaches at the Berlage Center for Advanced Studies in Architecture and Urban Design of the TU Delft and is founding partner at Groothuijse de Boer architecten in Amsterdam. Caspar is teaching assistant at the chair of Interiors Buildings Cities at TU Delft and programme coordinator at the Academy of Architecture in Rotterdam.

Tibor Bielicky and Ellena Ehrl

Since 2014 architects Ellena Ehrl and Tibor Bielicky collaborate on various projects that move between architecture, urbanism, design, publication and exhibition. In addition to their work as practicing architects and teaching assistants at ETH Zurich, they co-founded the architecture journals Planphase (2010-2019) and Superposition (since 2020), created the research platform Recording America and produce and publish print- and multimedia content connected to their self-initiated, multi-disciplinary research on architecture, urbanism and subculture. They live and work in Zurich, Switzerland.

Malgorzata Maria Olchowska (Gosia)

Gosia obtained Master of Architecture diploma from TU Delft (NL) in 2007 and since then she was working as an architect at De Vylder Vinck Tailieu, Murmuur and Bovenbouw architectuur. At this moment she is teaching at Ghent University, KU Leuven Campus Sint Lucas Ghent and Rotterdam Academy of Baukunst. Between 2017 and 2018 she was a guest teacher at RISEBA, Riga. Between 2009 and 2018 she studied printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gent.

Alex Lehnerer, Vlad Ionescu, Benjamin Groothuijse, Ellena Ehrl, Tibor Bielicky and Malgorzata Maria Olchowska.


Diskursiv No.1, Models
November 2022
12 × 18,5 cm, 240 pp., 112 color and 75 b/w ill.
softcover with flaps
ISBN 978-3-200-08550-3

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A forum series that temporarily exposes current and practical architectural fields of tension and then permanently preserves them. This takes place in an analogue environment by means of exhibitions and publications. The focus is on the internal problem areas of architecture, which are to be dealt with in an interdisciplinary framework. Their subsequent presentation is to serve as a starting point for solutions and methodically open up further fields of discussion.

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